A Guide to Car Audio





Setting Gains

Amplifers: Basic Knowledge and Setup

Cheap Vs. Expensive Speakers

How to Build the Ultimate SPL System

Building a System on a $50 Budget

Basic Head Unit Features

Advanced Head Unit Features

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Head unit troubleshooting

Bass Shelves

Choosing an Amp

Advanced Electrical

Subwoofer Nodes

Amp Troubleshooting

4th Order Bandpass Box

Sealed Box Tuning

Cheap Vs. Expensive Amps

Subwoofer Wiring

SVC or DVC Subwoofers

How Much is too Much Bass?

Why a Digital Multi-Meter is Your Best Friend

SQ or SPL?

Subwoofer Installation/Phase

Sound Deadening

How to Get The Most From Your Speakers

How to Get the Most From Your Subwoofers

Wiring a Head Unit

Low and High Pass Filters

How Loud is Too Loud?

The Big Three

Three Way Component Systems


Box Rise